Learn how the largest tire distributors can help independent tire sellers and automotive shops in Western Canada supply their customers with the tires they want.

The Largest Tire Distributors In Western Canada

Trail Tire Supply is the largest tire distributor in Western Canada. How did we get so big? Investment has always been one key aspect. We have always known that, to serve as many independent tire dealers as possible, we need access to a large inventory. That’s why we invest so much time, money, and effort into assuring that we carry a wide variety of tires.

Logistics is also key. Western Canada covers a wide region, larger than most sovereign nations on the planet. Whether our client is in Estevan, Saskatchewan, or Salmon Arm, British Columbia, we are prepared to get them the tires they need in a timely fashion. Our clients rely on us just as their customers rely on them.

This is at the heart of our success and everything we do. We know how important it is to have the tires your customers want and be able to install those tires for them without waiting around for months to get the tires in. We know the importance of tires to drivers and to independent tire sellers, and we always operate with this importance in mind.

Seasonal Tire Distribution

Apart from some of the warmer coastal areas of BC, Western Canada experiences four distinct seasons. Even in BC, the temperature often dips below seven degrees celsius in winter, which means drivers need snow tires to be safe. Any half-decent tire distributor—let alone the largest tire distributor—knows the importance of having a large stock of winter and all-weather tires well before the official start of winter.

That’s why at Trail Tire Supply we have the all-weather and winter tires your customers want in October and November. But winter isn’t the only season in Western Canada. We also carry all-season tires, summer tires, and high-performance tires, not to mention tires for trucks, tires for SUVs, tires for vans and minivans, and tires for passenger cars.

Having The Right Tire Brands

The largest tire distributors must also have a large selection of tire brands. Trail Tire Supply has a wide range of tires available. We carry brands such as:

But we don’t just carry tires at Trail Tire Supply. We also have wheels and accessories available. Some wheels and accessories brands we carry include:

  • AWC
  • ProLine Wheels
  • Raceline Wheels
  • Schrader International
  • West Coast Wheel Accessories

Make Trail Tire Supply Your Trusted Tire Distributor.

At Trail Tire Supply, we are dedicated to supplying independent tire dealers with the tires they need. We have helped many automotive businesses across Western Canada grow and succeed, and we’d love your business to be the next one we help.

We have warehouses in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, and in Okanagan, British Columbia. We can serve businesses from Wayurn, Saskatchewan, to Kamloops, BC, and all points in between. To learn more about how the largest tire distributor in Western Canada can help your business, please contact us via our website, via email, or you can call us at 1-855-497-2197.