General Tire Distributor in Western Canada

We strive to be the best tire distributor in Western Canada. Our commitment to customer success is unsurpassed in the industry. If you’ve never purchased from Trail Tire, we welcome you to give us a try. We know you won’t be disappointed!

Trail Tire Supply is a general tire distributor that delivers the best brands at competitive prices. We carry a full line of passenger, light truck, and truck tires for all your needs. Our goal is to offer you the best pricing possible, including competitive pricing on brands not represented in your local area.

Trail Tire Supply’s online ordering system makes it simple to place your order, with no extra fees. Our dedicated customer service team are eager to assist you with any questions you may have.

Trail Tire Supply is proud to be a distributor of General Tires. General Tire is widely known for their quality and innovative product. General Tire has been around since 1915 and is widely used by the due to its long lasting tread as well as off road performance.

General Tire technology includes:

  • Sipes
  • Tread Wear Indicators
  • Compound Variations
  • Noise Reduction Technology

General Tire is one of the only manufacturers to offer a 6-Year Road Hazard Warranty on all LT sizes. We are also pleased to offer you the following General Tire warranties on passenger and light truck tires.

  • 30 Day Customer Satisfaction Trial
  • Standard Limited Warranty (Applies to Passenger, Performance, Light Truck, All-Terrain & Winter Tires)
  • Roadside Assistance Program
  • Standard Warranty for Cut/Gouge & Puncture Repairable Tires

If you are looking for tire supplier, we have most major brands and exclusive brands available here at Trail Tire Supply. We also offer custom wheels from Raceline, Proline, Vision Wheels and more.

To learn more about a partnership with Trail Tire Supply please contact us and we would be happy to follow up.